How to parameterize values in Full Page Postback

Nov 19, 2009 at 4:06 AM

Application that i am testing they are using infopath forms. So that i have downloaded your plugin and used it successfuly for partial postbacks.

In partial post back values that i have entered to application(values entered in form text fields) are displayed in String Body parameter. So I have refered those values from CSV file.


But when there is a full page postback, values are not displayed in string body. Instead of that they are in "_EventLog" value. I tried to parameterize the values as i have done in partial postback.

Event Log value like this -

8;0;5db573dc-2b21-4a0b-82b3-5d635ccbd978;57bb9c56-7873-4e0f-b096-662a16d4e426:ver:;0;;;;;;;1;0;0;0;0;633941391767374000;;yg8oO085t4CKuSMi46TcAa9gAOEeKcUTZqM0D8Bvg/5zAeXfaOtZA5juOq2t3YbCSX379JKyLuYGWwGo8mNInw==|633941391767217338 0;V1_I1_S21_I1_T2;0;123456789X 0;V1_I1_S21_I1_T5;0;AAAAAA 0;V1_I1_S21_I1_T7;0;APPADD 0;V1_I1_S21_I1_D11;;Bloemendhal 0;V1_I1_S21_I1_T13;1;2009-12-15 0;V1_I1_S21_I1_S15_I1_D3;;EDS%5Ccertificate_officer1 1;btnTreeDetails;V1_I1; 0;V1_I1_S22_I1_D2;;Mahawatta 0;V1_I1_S22_I1_R8_I1_D1;;Mango 0;V1_I1_S22_I1_R8_I1_T2;1;14 0;V1_I1_S22_I1_R8_I1_T3;1;2 0;V1_I1_S22_I1_R8_I1_T4;1;12 0;V1_I1_S22_I1_R8_I1_D5;;Electrical 1;btnOwnerDetails;V1_I1; 0;V1_I1_S23_I1_T2;1;32145 0;V1_I1_S23_I1_T5;1;5 0;V1_I1_S23_I1_T7;1;6 0;V1_I1_S23_I1_T9;1;7 0;V1_I1_S23_I1_T12;0;OWNERADD 0;V1_I1_S23_I1_T22;0;OWNERNAME 1;btnSupportingDocuments;V1_I1; 20;V1_I1_S25_I1_R4_I1_FAC3_FAI1_F1;null;null

Another thing that i have noticed is there are two _EventLog's with same value.

I have changed the values highlighted in value filed and re-ran the web test. But it was unable to create task with new name given.


Please give way to parameterize value in Full Page Postback.

Thanks lot.